We are developing the full medical potential of the cannabis plant.

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Ill. Cannabis in Erlenmeyer flask with molecules

The Cannabinoid Compound Company

The C³ Cannabinoid Compound Company was founded in 2014 by Bionorica SE, one of the world’s leading producers of herbal medicines, as a holding company for the companies Bionorica ethics and THC Pharm. Both Bionorica ethics and THC Pharm have for almost two decades been researching and developing the key therapeutic ingredients of the cannabis flower: tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. Under the umbrella of C³, research, production and marketing have been pooled and optimized.

The goal: To tap into and expand the international growth market of medical cannabis treatment using the core substances dronabinol and cannabidiol.

C³ develops and manufactures natural and synthetic cannabinoid API and compounding kits for the treatment of several chronic serious illnesses in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards for narcotic drugs. The company commercializes its product portfolio, including concentrated kits for capsules and drops as well as identity rapid tests, through a well-established pharmacy network mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.