The active ingredient dronabinol is the only cannabinoid marketable in Germany and can be prescribed as a narcotic.
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THC Pharm offers synthetically produced dronabinol in Germany as an active ingredient.
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Bionorica Ethics begins offering naturally prepared dronabinol from cannabis plants.
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Integrated production technology with AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety Ltd.) from the plant to the final substance.
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THC pharm starts with the CBD production.
Ill. CBD production
THC Pharm and Bionorica ethics are merged under the Cannabinoid Compound Company – C³-Holding GmbH for short – to join forces in cannabinoid production, research and marketing.
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Implementation of an additional purification step for the production of the high-purity active ingredient from natural cannabis flowers, a product unique in Germany.
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The US regulatory agency FDA approves the first finished medicinal product with cannabidiol as a mono-active ingredient for the treatment of particularly severe, treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy. European licensing has also been applied for and is expected to be granted in 2019.
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Autumn 2018: Quadrupling of the production volume with a new high tech production plant in Neumarkt.
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