Reputation, experience and structure

The company has almost twenty years of experience in the research, production and marketing of cannabis-based medicines. An efficient and reputation-based sales network ensures excellent market access in the DACH region. This is backed by a strong scientific grounding in all professional groups. Thanks to its ongoing, fact-oriented and scientific communication, the company has earned a high standing with all stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

The result is clear market leadership based on competence and reliability, providing the best starting position for taking advantage of future growth opportunities.

20 years experience in research.

The dronabinol manufacturing set guarantees highest manufacturing quality and safety.

A variety of communication materials introduce new treatment options to physicians and pharmacies.

The company can draw on approx. 20 years of development, process and commercialization know-how in naturally extracted and synthetically produced cannabinoids. C³-Holding GmbH is the clear quality and market leader for THC and CBD in its core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with a stand-alone sales and commercialization platform and highest awareness among external experts such as governmental regulators, pharmacies and medical specialists. The well-balanced and highly qualified salesforce of C³-Holding GmbH currently comprises 16 employees in Germany and six in Austria. In addition, the company has proprietary IP in several manufacturing processes with granted patents in Germany and the US.