02.03.2017 – Financial press conference press release from Bionorica SE
Proprietor Prof. Popp describes the law on reimbursable cannabis medicines for the relief of symptoms in critically ill patients, passed in mid-January 2017, as a milestone for patients. Bionorica, which has been doing research into cannabinoids (active ingredients made from cannabis) since 2002, plays a pioneering role in this field.more >
02.03.2017 – “Herbal medicine: Cannabis as medicine – a look behind the scenes at its production”
The natural medicine company Bionorica is currently Germany’s largest supplier of medical cannabis.more >
01.03.2018 – Financial press conference press release from Bionorica SE
Dronabinol – a boost in quality of life
Prof. Dr. Popp and Dr. Baumann welcomed the positive trend in prescriptions for the active ingredient dronabinol since the amendment to the German law on reimbursement for cannabis drugs in March 2017.more >
09.03.2018 – One year of hemp on prescription: Health insurance companies pay for thousands of cannabis prescriptions
The Bavarian pharmaceutical manufacturer Bionorica is also benefiting from the boom. Sales of its cannabis drug dronabinol more than doubled in 2017 and the number of patients almost tripled – and rising. Bionorica is therefore expanding production.more >
19.03.2018 – “One year of cannabis on prescription: Healthy sales for Bionorica”
Bionorica is the European leader – In the production of dronabinol, one company leads the European market: the Neumarkt-based pharmaceutical firm Bionorica. The producers in the Upper Palatinate have a head-start with cannabis, because even before it was released for prescription and despite...more >
25.03.2018 – Bionorica ethics press release in Austria
Treatment with cannabinoids is becoming increasingly important in the care of critically ill and suffering patients. However, prescribing these active substances still poses a major challenge for doctors. Due to the widespread need for more information in this field, Bionorica ethics has developed an innovative new e-learning program on the topic ...more >